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Silica Fume for Refractories

Silica Fume is widely used in the production of refractory castables thanks to its ability to provide better packing. It also needs less water than sand while maintaining the same flow characteristics, making it perfect for lower-temperature sintering. Silica fume is also great for facilitating the formation of mullite, which helps make your castables even more durable.

Castables are strong and stop gases, slag, and metal from passing through it. Silica fume castables are strongest, especially in high temperatures & high densities. The more you use silica fume in your recipe, the better it is for your casting project.

Silica fume is a type of substance that can directly impact how easily it flows. The more silica content the substance has, the better it will flow. The use of low SiO2 content silica fume may cause a higher water content in castables.

The right proportion of silica fume allows the beehive lining to withstand temperatures as high as 2100°C without distortion or melting. This makes it the most common form of lining for some ovens and furnaces.

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Refractory Silica Fume Advantages

Improve the strength of refractory castables

There are many pores in traditional refractory materials, and the refractory micro silica powder fills in the pores, which improves the bulk density and reduces the porosity, and can improve the strength obviously.

Improve casting performance

Refractory silica fume has strong activity and can form colloidal particles in water, adding the right amount of dispersant can enhance the fluidity, thus improving the casting performance.

Improve the high temperature resistance and durability

Microsilica has strong hydrophilic and activity, which can enhance the cohesion of refractory materials, and at the same time has a greater improvement on high temperature performance, and can extend the service life of refractory castables, thus reducing costs.

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