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92% Densified Silica Fume

92% Densified Silica Fume

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92% Densified Silica Fume is a micro-silica fume with 92% SiO2 content, and the Bulk density is 250-400kg/m³.

Densified Silica Fume is to improve the density of micro-silica fume in order to reduce the transportation cost and improve the use performance. Before Densified, its density is about 150 to 200 kg/m³, after densified, it can reach 700 kg/m³, which greatly reduces the volume and improves the particle size at the same time. The densified process used nowadays is to use the airflow formed by compressed air to prompt the micro-silica fume in the container to collide with each other and rely on its own aggregation and adsorption to exclude the surface gas, thus forming multiple small particles with increased capacity to achieve the purpose of densified.



SiO₂ (%)96
Moisture (%)0.46
Alkalis like Na₂O (%)0.47
Free CaO (%)0.09
Si (%)0.12
Free CI% (%)0.002
SO₃ (%)0.2
L.O.I (%)3.7
Specific surface (mg)22
Accelerated PozzolanicActivity ( 7 days )126


  • Water conservancy and hydropower engineering: in the anti-seepage and anti-abrasion parts, after mixing with micro-silica powder, it can greatly improve the anti-seepage, anti-cracking, anti-abrasion and anti-cavitation performance.
  • The production of high-strength concrete: silica powder as admixture to make high-strength concrete, the actual application of its strength level can be achieved 100Mpa.
  • Seaport engineering: concrete mixed with silica powder can improve the concrete’s anti-abrasion performance, anti-seepage performance, to prevent electrochemical corrosion of reinforcing steel.
  • Traffic engineering: silica powder concrete used in highway pavement and aircraft runway, can greatly improve the early strength and wear resistance of concrete, in the maintenance and repair of highway pavement, you can advance the opening time and increase the economic benefits.
  • Shotcrete: significantly improve the adhesion performance and cohesion of plastic concrete, significantly reduce the amount of rebound, increase the thickness of shotcrete once formed, shorten the construction period and save the cost of the project.


The only silica fume factory in China that uses machine packaging.
We can also produce according to your requirement.
The machine is automatically packed and filtered by a screen, so that no debris is mixed in.

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