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Densified Silica Fume (Microsilica)

Densified silica fume is the most common type of silica fume used by concrete manufacturers, 85%~96% SiO2 content, 550-700kg/m3 bulk density, divided into Grade 85D, Grade 90D, Grade 92D, Grade 94D, Grade 94 Contains Zirconia, and Grade 96D.It is widely used in various concrete construction projects.

Densified silica fume is made by treating undensified silica fume to increase the mass density up to a maximum of around 550-700kg/m3. This growth in the bulk density is typically accomplished by tumbling the micro silica particles in a silo. This tumbling causes surface charges to accumulate leading to the contraction of the microsilica.

SiO2 Content: >85%
Grade: 85D
SiO2 Content: >92%
Grade: 92D
SiO2 Content: >94%
Grade: 94D
SiO2 Content: >96%
Grade: 96D

Densified Silica Fume Advantages

Cost Reduction

The smaller the size of the product, the lower the price of transportation. And since densified silica fumes are in a compressed state, there is a reduction in the product’s cost of shipping or transportation.

Dust Reduction

The densified state of the silica fume ensures that there is less dust during its use. The dustless nature of the silica fume creates a better working environment for workers. This makes them safe from the health risks involved in constantly inhaling the dust of silica fume.

Easy mechanical pumping which enables great stirring

The compactibility of the silica fume plays a role in allowing for easier mixing as little quantity can be used for a large mix. It is particularly suitable for mechanical pumping, which is great for stirring.

Densified Silica Fume Applications

  • Refractories. Silica fume is commonly used in castable, sintered, and fused refractories. For example, it can be used in high-performance, high-grade, and low-cement refractory castables and prefabricated parts, air permeable bricks, large-scale iron trenches and ladles, and more.
  • Mortar and concrete. Silica fume can also be used for harbour wharfs, high-rise buildings, railway bridges, reservoir dams, concrete pavement, and more.
  • Protective coatings. Nano-silica sol serves as an active material for fire protection, environmental protection, and anticorrosive coating.
  • Wall and decorative materials. Silica fume can also be used for thermal insulation mortar, polymer mortar, and as an interface agent for wall insulation.
  • Putty. Microsilica can be used in putty powder for exterior and interior wall insulation.
  • Filling and reinforcement. It is also used as filling and reinforcing materials in resin, rubber, paint, unsaturated polyester, and more.
  • Additives. Finally, silica fume is commonly used as an additive in other active areas.


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