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What additive makes concrete stronger?

Several additives can enhance the strength of concrete, each working in a different way: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) These include fly ash, slag, and silica fume. They react with the byproducts of hydration (the chemical process when cement hardens) to

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What is Silica Fume Surface Modification?

Silica fume surface modification can change the original polarity of the mineral surface to non-polar, improve the affinity and compatibility of silica fume and organic polymers, as well as mobility, dispersion, can improve the mechanical properties of organic composites, can

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What is Microsilica?

Microsilica, also known as silica fume, is a byproduct of the silicon metal and ferrosilicon industries. This amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2) is generated as a gas during the reduction of highly pure quartz in submerged electrical arc furnaces. As the

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How silica fume is produced?

Silica fume, also known as microsilica, is a byproduct of the production of silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys. Here is a general process of how silica fume is produced: Raw Material Production Silicon metal and alloys are produced in electric

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Is silica fume dangerous?

Silica fume itself is not classified as dangerous, but it can pose health risks if not handled properly. The primary concern is the potential for inhalation of the fine silica particles, which can lead to respiratory issues. Here are some

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Undensified Silica Fume

Undensified Silica Fume, which is made from a large amount of highly volatile silicon monoxide gas produced during the smelting process, is rapidly oxidized with air and condensed into silica dust.

Densified Silica Fume

Densified Silica Fume, is a further processing of the original micro-silica fume to obtain a denser encrypted micro-silica fume.

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