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What is the price per ton of microsilica powder?

microsilica powder

As we all know, the price of a product is determined by supply and demand. The bottom line of the price of a product is the cost of production. If even the cost of production cannot be met, there is no need for production.

The price of microsilica powder (silica fume) is determined by a variety of factors. Among them are recycling costs, packaging costs, labor, and transportation costs. The price also varies considerably due to its different end use.

For example, it is used in high-end refractory industry, which requires high silica content and liquidity, so the price is higher, usually around $200/ton, and the price of a well-known company was nearly $800/ton;

While for the building materials industry, the content requirement is low, and the fully encrypted one can reach the target, so the price of silica fume is much lower. Of course this is only from the cost side, the market demand is another aspect, such as the recent supply significantly reduced, while the demand is relatively stable, the price went up a lot.

Overall, the price of microsilica powder in the range of $200-800/ton.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, and this is true for any product. For the factory, only buy the right, not expensive, to buy the appropriate price to meet the performance requirements of the product, is the way. Some silica fume is priced very low, or even no money, but you may not dare to ask for such silica fume, because there are many impurities in it and the packaging is confusing, so it is impossible to use.

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