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Australian Customers Purchase HSA Microsilica

Australian Customers Purchase HSA Microsilica

Customer Requirements

Our Australian client, Sunit Singh, was in search of Microsilica 90D and 92D as well as White Silica Fume with a SiO2 content of over 93%. Their monthly requirement ranged from 500 MT to 2500 MT with an initial shipment of 1*40HQ. They requested the FOB rate for the nearest port and asked for the Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Certificates of Analysis (COA), and product photos.

Initial Communication

During the initial communication phase, we thoroughly understood the client’s requirements and provided detailed information about our products. We explained the advantages of our products and provided the relevant Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Certificates of Analysis (COA). We also shared photos of our products for a more visual understanding.

Pricing Proposal

Based on the requested volumes and Sunit’s specific requirements, our team prepared a comprehensive pricing proposal. We offered competitive FOB rates for the microsilica 90D, 92D, and white silica fume products, taking into account the large order quantities and potential for long-term cooperation. The proposal included detailed breakdowns of product costs, packaging, and any additional fees or surcharges.

Mid-term Progress

In the mid-term phase, we had in-depth discussions with the client to ascertain their specific needs. We provided a detailed quotation including the FOB rate for the nearest port. We also arranged for the dispatch of samples for the client to test and evaluate.

Customer Feedback and Order Placement

Sunit was impressed with our prompt response, comprehensive product information, and competitive pricing. He expressed satisfaction with the samples and technical data provided, confirming that our products met his quality standards. After reviewing the shipping options and costs, Sunit decided to proceed with a trial order for the initial 1*40HQ container shipment.

Our team coordinated the logistics, arranged the necessary documentation, and ensured timely delivery of the trial order. Throughout the process, we maintained open communication with Sunit, addressing any concerns or queries he might have had.

Ongoing Relationship

Upon successful delivery and positive feedback from Sunit regarding the trial order, we established a long-term supply agreement for the silica fume products. Our dedicated account management team continues to work closely with Sunit, ensuring seamless order processing, timely deliveries, and consistent product quality.

This customer case demonstrates our commitment to understanding client needs, providing comprehensive technical support, and offering competitive pricing for high-quality silica fume products. Our ability to meet the specific requirements of Sunit’s project in Australia has solidified our position as a reliable and trusted supplier in the construction materials industry.


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