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HSA Silica Fume Factory and Production Process

HSA Silica Fume Factory

Silica Fume Factory

Silica Fume Production Process


The production of silica fume involves three main steps: obtaining raw materials, processing them in a furnace, and collecting the silica fume.

Raw Materials

The primary raw materials used in the production of silica fume are quartz, coal, and wood chips. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral that contains high levels of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Coal and wood chips serve as the reducing agents required for the chemical reaction.

The Furnace

The raw materials are placed in an electric arc furnace, where they are heated to temperatures exceeding 2000°C. The intense heat causes the silicon dioxide in the quartz to react with the carbon from the coal or wood chips, forming silicon metal and carbon dioxide (CO2). As a result, a gas containing silicon monoxide (SiO) is released.

Collection of Silica Fume

The gas containing SiO is rapidly cooled, causing the SiO to react with oxygen (O2) in the air and form silica fume, which is composed primarily of ultrafine silicon dioxide (SiO2) particles. These particles are then collected using filters or other collection systems and packed for further use.

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