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Silica Fume for Refractory in India

Silica Fume for Refractory in India

Silica Fume in India

In recent years, with the rapid development of India’s domestic refractory industry, the demand for refractory admixtures such as undensified silica fume has been increasing. Indian customers have high requirements on the quality of microsilica , expecting that the product should not only have high content and stable performance, but also the packaging and logistics should meet the local construction environment and transportation conditions.

Our company has always been committed to providing high-quality undensified microsilica products and considerate service for customers in India and other South Asian markets, which are favored by local customers.

Customer’s Requirement

Indian customers need to purchase 1000 tons of microsilica , used in refractory material industry, the powder is required to be packed in 25kg/bag or 50kg/bag with clear marking. The customer wants the density of microsilica to be 96% and undensified.

Our solution

As a professional manufacturer of microsilica , HSA responded quickly to the customer’s demand and provided the following solutions for the customer:

  • Provide 96% undensified silica fume products to meet the customer’s requirements for density and undensified state.
  • Provide two kinds of packaging specifications, 25kg/bag and 50kg/bag, to meet customers’ packaging needs.
  • Provide clear marking for easy identification and use by customers.
  • Provide competitive price and perfect after-sales service.

Customer Testimonials

Customers are very satisfied with our products and services and give us high evaluation. The customer said:

“We are very satisfied with the excellent quality of products, thoughtful service and reasonable price of HSA , We will definitely order their products again.”

HSA’ product line of undensified silica fume

In order to satisfy different customers’ needs, we have launched a rich product line of undensified silica fume.

  • Undensified General Silica Fume Series (G85U, G92U, G94U, G96U)
  • Suitable for ordinary concrete admixture, the highest densified silica fume quality can reach 96%.
  • White silica fume series (Zirconium silica fume ZSF94, ZSF95, ZSF96)

Improve the brightness of concrete color by adding Zirconium.

All products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards to ensure uniform particle size distribution and stable performance.

Application and advantages of silica fume

As a siliceous ultra-fine powder mineral admixture, amorphous silica fume has the following unique advantages.

Application in refractory material industry

Adding silica fume to high-temperature refractory materials can improve the thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and corrosion resistance of the materials. Suitable for industrial kilns, metal smelting and other industries.

Improve the strength and durability of concrete

The addition of silica fume can not only greatly improve the early and late strength of concrete, but also enhance the impermeability, abrasion resistance and freeze-thaw cycle resistance, thus prolonging the service life.

In conclusion, HSA is committed to providing high quality, cost-effective silica fume products and services to customers in India and around the world under the philosophy of “Quality First, Service Foremost”. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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