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The Best Supplier in China for Silica Fume / Microsilica !

The Best Supplier in China for Silica Fume

Silica Fume is used in many fields, it is an excellent concrete reinforcing agent, all engineering fields involving concrete construction need to use Silica Fume, it is also a high-strength refractory additives, refractory materials silica fume can improve the high temperature resistance of the material to extend the service life; it is also a new type of thermal insulation materials, in the power, chemical industry also has a wide range of uses. So, which is the best Silica Fume supplier in China?

Microsilica Supplier in China

Henan Superior Abrasives is a new technology-based enterprise engaged in the research, development and popularization of high-quality microsilica powder, silica fume, silica micronized powder and silicon carbide.

Henan Superior Abrasives microsilica powder manufacturer is committed to the research and development of new materials science and application, with a rigorous attitude, scientific concept, quality service and efficient work to win the trust of our customers; constantly innovate technology, improve product quality and Meet the needs of customers. Henan Superior Abrasives microsilica powder is the strong backing for end-users to upgrade and develop their products.

Why choose us?

Strong consultant team

Our company actively seeks to establish cooperation with experts and professors in related fields from research institutes and other institutions to continuously expand the size of our technical team, so as to strictly control the quality of our products and produce higher-grade microsilica powder.

High quality products

Henan Superior Abrasives has been awarded the “China Product Quality Assurance Enterprise”. The recognition of the public has inspired us to keep forging ahead and innovate, to cooperate closely with research institutes, to actively carry out experimental research, and to continuously expand the field and scope of application of microsilica powder.

And to confirm that Henan Superior Abrasives silica fume is an ideal heat insulation and thermal insulation material through the imaging research of our microsilica powder samples under 200,000 times magnification. Henan Superior Abrasives is an ideal material for heat insulation and thermal insulation.

In order to meet the needs of a wider range of customers, we can provide high grade products for different applications in different industries, and the main categories of Silica Fume we provide are as follows:

  • High-grade concrete, bridges, commercial concrete, tunnel gunning RPC special silica fume.
  • Special microsilica powder for amorphous castables, siliceous bricks.
  • Microsilica powder for fine chemical polymer materials.
  • Microsilica powder for oil field plugging, anti-corrosion industry and self-flowing ping.
  • Water glass, paint and coating special silica fume.
  • Stp A1 level vacuum, special silica fume for heat insulation and fireproof insulation board.
  • Special ceramics, unsaturated polyester special microsilica.
  • Building materials inorganic insulation polymer mortar special microsilica.

Convenient sales network

Our company is located in Zhengzhou, China, close to the developed traffic line, convenient transportation. In order to improve the sales network, we carry out e-commerce platform and combine online and offline marketing methods to serve a wider range of customers.

At present, our products are sold to various countries and regions around the world, and the “HSA” brand has been widely used in the construction industry, such as large water conservancy, hydropower, offshore, bridges, dams, oilfield solid wells, coal mine tunnels, tunnel linings, spraying, anchoring, etc., high-performance concrete, and concrete products industry, high-strength refractory materials, ceramic products production, insulation materials, and other products. production of ceramic products, insulation materials, grout, paint, coating, pesticides, fertilizers, cosmetics, resins, rubber and its polymer materials filler and water glass, etc., and has established a good reputation in the industry.

Perfect service

Not only to provide customers with high-quality products, we also provide technical support throughout the process, the technical team of real-time answer your doubts and answer your questions, so that customers do not have to worry about.

To ask where to buy the best microsilica fume in China, welcome to consult Henan Superior Abrasives, HSA always uphold everything to reduce customer production costs as the original intention, we sincerely hope to work hand in hand with the majority of new and old customers to create brilliant.

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