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Application range and field of silica fume

High performance concrete

The main component of silica fume is silica, and the vast majority of it is amorphous silica, which is a very good volcanic ash material. The tiny particles of silica fume are highly dispersed and can be fully filled between the cement particles to improve the denseness of the paste after hardening. So, do you know what are the applications and fields of silica fume? Today HSA will give you a introduction.

Construction work

In this field, silica fume is mainly used to add to concrete. In addition to increasing its strength and enhancing its durability, the concrete prepared with silica fume also has excellent structural properties, can significantly reduce engineering maintenance costs and support environmental sustainability.

High performance concrete

The addition of silica fume in the configuration of high-performance concrete can improve the mechanical properties of concrete to achieve the design strength requirements, compressive strength can generally reach more than 70Mpa, mainly used in urban high-rise structure of the load-bearing beam, the application of construction projects are mostly concentrated in real estate projects or office buildings.

Activated powder concrete

Active powder concrete is a new type of super-hard, low brittleness and excellent durability concrete successfully researched after the high-performance concrete. At present, it is mainly used in small prefabricated components of high-speed railway projects in China, and its compressive strength can reach about 120Mpa. The incorporation of silica fume can reduce the permeability of active powder concrete and increase the corrosion resistance.

Abrasion-resistant concrete

Anti-impact and wear-resistant concrete is mainly used in two parts of the hydroelectric power station project, the dissipation pool and flood cavern, due to the special characteristics of these two parts, so that the addition of silica fume is essential. After adding silica fume to concrete, it can improve the abrasion resistance and impact resistance of concrete, and its anti-impact and abrasion resistance is about double that of general concrete, and the anti-abrasion ability of 48m/s flow speed level is increased by more than 3 times.

Tunnel shotcrete

Silica fume added in the spray mix mortar, can reduce the rate of rebound of spraying, increase the denseness, reduce the hydration temperature rise of bulk concrete, reduce the rebound loss of shotcrete, increase the cohesion, reduce the occurrence of alkali aggregate reaction.

Refractory materials

Silica Fume has high refractoriness, high strength and denseness, etc. Mixing silica fume into high performance low cement refractory castables and prefabricated parts can increase its service life to three times that of ordinary castables, and increase refractoriness by about 100℃, which can greatly improve the denseness of castable refractories. When coexisting with Al2O3, it is easier to generate mullite phase, which makes its high temperature strength, thermal vibration resistance enhanced, high temperature strength and thermal vibration resistance significantly improved. Because of this, silica fume has been commonly used in coke oven, large iron ditch and ladle material, breathable brick, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics and power generation industries.

Exterior wall insulation materials

Ultra-thin vacuum insulation insulation board, its main raw material is silica fume, characterized by excellent thermal insulation and energy saving effect, low thermal conductivity, the effect is more than 6-10 times of other insulation materials. With 1-2 cm thick can reach 75% of the energy-saving requirements, equivalent to other insulation materials more than 10cm insulation energy-saving effect. It can reduce the common area of the house and increase 2-6% of the house rate. Silica fume can also be used for wall insulation with polymer mortar, insulation mortar, interface agent, cement-based polymer waterproofing materials, light aggregate insulation and energy-saving concrete and products, internal and external wall construction with putty powder processing, etc.

Other applications

Silica fume can be used as the raw material of silicate brick, and can also produce water glass. It can be used as a reinforcing material for organic compounds. Because its composition is similar to that of fumed silica, it can be used as a filling and reinforcing material in rubber, resin, paint, unsaturated polyester and other polymer materials. Silica fume is also often used as an anti-caking agent in the fertilizer industry.

The above is the specific introduction of the application scope and field of silica fume, hope it can help you to have more understanding of silica fume. Silica fume is effective in improving the durability of concrete and has an enhancing, filling and plasticizing effect, and is widely used in many industries and fields.

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