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Specific role of microsilica fume (silica fume) in various types of concrete

Waterproof Concrete

Low-heat concrete

Replacing cement with micro silica fume, the strength remains the same while the temperature of concrete changes, which is the most effective way to obtain low heat concrete while maintaining the same early strength.

Waterproof Concrete

Due to the low permeability, microsilica powder is an indispensable waterproof material for some underground structures in some more humid places, such as underground parking lots, etc.

Corrosion Resistant Concrete

Silica Fume is suitable for some structures exposed to seawater and de-icing salt, such as ports, docks, onshore buildings where there are chlorides in the groundwater and soil and air.

High Strength Concrete

Microsilica powder offers great economic benefits to developers, such as reducing the thickness of columns and walls in high-rise buildings and improving the structural layout. Micro silica fume concrete is also easy to pump during the construction process.

Self-compacting concrete

Due to its very high surface area, microsilica fume concrete is viscous and prevents water secretion and separation, which is extremely important for self-compacting concrete, which is fluid and easy to separate.

Corrosion-resistant concrete port terminals

Sulfate Resistant Concrete

Microsilica concrete has low penetration and chemical resistance, providing better resistance to sulphate corrosion compared to other cementitious binders.

Chemical resistance

Micro-silica fume concrete is widely used in structural members exposed to a range of harsh chemicals, making it highly valuable in industry and agriculture.

Abrasion Resistance

Microsilica powder concrete is extremely wear resistant, saving a lot of money and time and increasing efficiency in the construction of floors and pavements. It is also resistant to hydraulic abrasion and is suitable for spillways in dams.


Whether produced dry or wet, Silica Fume in Shotcrete reduces rebound, increases thickness, and increases the resistance to scouring in marine construction. When used with fibers, it can eliminate meshing and reduce cracking.

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