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Microsilica / Silica Fume for Sale in New Zealand

Microsilica Silica Fume for Sale in New Zealand

Client Background:

A trading company headquartered in New Zealand, specializing in the import and export of microsilica and other chemicals in the New Zealand market.
Seeking a reliable supplier of densified microsilica/silica fume meeting ASTM C 1240 standards for concrete and refractory applications.

Initial Inquiry:

Contacted Henan Superior Abrasives via WhatsApp for product specifications and pricing.
Requested a sample order of 1-2 tons for quality evaluation.
Indicated potential for monthly orders of 3-4 containers if satisfied with price and quality.

Communication Process:

Henan Superior Abrasives promptly responded to the inquiry, gathering necessary details such as quantity, destination port, and email address.
Provided FOB pricing and product specifications as requested.
Maintained clear and efficient communication throughout the process.

After-Sales Service:

Henan Superior Abrasives closely monitored the delivery of the sample order.
Proactively reached out to the client to ensure satisfaction with the product.
Offered technical support and guidance as needed.

Customer Evaluation:

The New Zealand customer expressed high levels of satisfaction with the product quality, pricing, and Henan Superior Abrasives’ overall service.
Provided a positive testimonial for potential clients.

Return Orders and Ongoing Partnership:

The New Zealand customer placed subsequent orders, demonstrating their trust in Henan Superior Abrasives as a reliable supplier.
A strong and mutually beneficial partnership has been established, with potential for further expansion in the New Zealand market.

Henan Superior Abrasives

Henan Superior Abrasives is committed to providing exceptional service and products to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

Henan Superior Abrasives has been deeply involved in the New Zealand market for many years. It has long-term cooperation with many local companies and has an exclusive local agent. If you need New Zealand microsilica / silica fume, please contact us.

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