Tag: Microsilica powder

Tag: Microsilica powder

Silica Fume RPC Qinghai-Tibet Railway bridge

Application Of Silica Fume in RPC Materials

Concrete, abbreviated as concrete, is a common material used in construction and widely used in civil engineering. Strength, durability, etc. are the indexes to measure

Refractory Material Special Micro Silica

Refractory Material Special Micro Silica

Refractory materials can be used in high-temperature environments are collectively known as refractory materials, refractory materials are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing


Is Silica Fume The Same As Metakaolin?

Silica Fume or microsilica Silica fume as an amorphous material does not exhibit the long-range order of a crystal. It is a by-product obtained inside

densified silica fume

Why Should Silica Fume Be Encrypted?

Silica Fume as a kind of construction and other engineering industries commonly used in cement and concrete admixtures, mainly from the smelting process generated by

Note On The Use Of Micro Silica Powder

Blending amount Generally 5-10% of the amount of cementitious materials. The mixing method of silica fume is divided into internal mixing and external mixing. Internal

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