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Specification For The Use Of Silica Fume Concrete

Specification For The Use Of Silica Fume Concrete

Silica fume is a good concrete admixture, refractory additive, chemical product dispersant and metallurgical pellet binder for its excellent properties of high temperature resistance, prevention


Silica Fume for Grouting and Pressure Slurry Materials

Grouting agent (material) Grouting agent (material) has the excellent performance of micro expansion, non-shrinkage, large flow, self-compacting, very low water secretion rate, high filling, small

What is Silica Fume

What is Silica Fume?

Silica fume, also called microsilica or cohesive silica fume or condensed silica fume, is produced by ferroalloys in smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (silicon metal),

Silica fume

How Does Silica Fume Work in Concrete?

Silica fume is produced as a by-product in the manufacture of silicon metal and ferrosilicon alloys, which are commonly used in numerous industrial applications including steel

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